Wattpad eBook Reader 7.4.1 IOS Download

Wattpad eBook Reader is an application that will allow its users to download and read millions of different books on their iPhone and iPad (for this the second, of course, is preferable).

The application has a library of more than 10 million free books. Some of the best titles of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance or suspense are on their virtual shelves. The Hunger Games, short stories by Paulo Coelho or the complete works of Margaret Atwood are just some of the books that we can download.

Wattpad eBook Reader 7.4.1 IOS Download

The application will allow us to read our books without the need of an Internet connection, as well as configure reading options with many different options, such as the font or other parameters.

The best thing is that we can synchronize our Wattpad applications to read both on the iPad or iPad Mini, as well as on the iPhone and even on the website. That is, we can use our own user account as a bookmark.

Wattpad eBook Reader is a very interesting application for any user who is fond of reading, since you can enjoy millions of books (some even good ones) for free, at any time and in any place.