Whats Tracker Download Apk Free For Android 2.8.2

The applications and tools to check who sees your profile have been around us since the dawn of time with MSN. Do you remember? I do not know if any of them came to work, because my unhealthy stingy vein does not go to the extreme of installing a program to spy on that in the end I may end up spying on me. But as now what is Peta is WhatsApp, these projects take the form of apps to satisfy your curiosity. This is the case of Whats Tracker, which you can download from now for your Android.

How Does It Work?

But what good is this app? The kids from ITamazons sell us as a powerful tool that lets you check who has sniffed on your WhatsApp profile. Interesting? I do not think so, but there are those who can not live with doubt. But another novel feature that includes (or announces) is being able to locate your WhatsApp colleagues on the map. Now we only need to see where your Facebook contacts are on the map to do away with the few cracks of personal privacy that we have left.

But the reality is harder than in the ads: not even the deepest tomato stains come with a mere wash, nor does this application work as well as advertised. To be able to initiate it you will have to put the telephone number with which you are registered in WhatsApp and give a lot of permissions. If you are lucky enough to get a correct access code, you can use this tool and, once a week, check who has looked at your profile. Of the map better we do not talk because, apart from infringing rights to the user, it is almost better not to steal.