Who Lurks 3.2.1 APK Download

Who Lurks is a ‘party game’ that can be played by three to six players using a single device. The approach of the game is very simple: each of the players is a member of the crew of a spaceship, and among them there is an infiltrated alien. Can they find out who it is?

The game system is very simple. At the beginning of the game each player assumes the role of one of the crew members, and secretly checks if he is a human or if on the contrary he has been the alien. After this first step, it is when the action really begins. Through a few mini-games, humans will have to try to discover who is the infiltrate to survive.

Who Lurks 3.2.1 APK Download

Although it’s not the most fun game mode, Who Lurks also includes a solo mode. In this game mode we can practice with the different mini-games offered by the game, which are not few.

Who Lurks is a local multiplayer game, which has the incredible advantage of being able to entertain up to six people using only an Android device. The game also has some nice illustrations and a good tutorial.