World Basketball King 1.0.13 APK Download

World Basketball King is a fun sport game in three dimensions that collects the essence of the basketball machines of the arcade and adapts it to a new medium: the smartphone.

The dynamics of the game are very similar to the original game: we have a number of balls and a basket in front of us. The idea is to achieve the goal of baskets that are at the top of the screen. However, the thing will get increasingly difficult because as soon as the round begins, the basket will begin to move, making it difficult to put the ball in the basket.

World Basketball King 1.0.13   APK Download

When the time finishes, we will see our score and check if we have reached the goal or not. Afterwards, we can either try again or go back to the main menu where we can invest the points obtained in unlocking new balls or in improving the decoration of the recreational machine.

World Basketball King is an adaptation of one of the classics of recreational machine salons that manages to maintain the essence of the original game but taking advantage of the potential of adapting it to a new medium.