World of Empires 1.23 APK Download

World of Empires is a turn-based strategy game in which we can create our own civilization, starting from the stone age, until the present time. Yes, like the games of the Civilization saga, but for Android and with some mechanics something more simplified.

Before starting a game we can customize the map at will, choosing the size, weather, resources, victory conditions or difficulty, among many other parameters. We can also choose which civilization we want to start with, being able to choose between more than twenty (American, Arab, Spanish, Brazilian …).

World of Empires 1.23 APK Download

Anyone who has ever played Civilization will know instantly how World of Empires works. Our settlers will have to found cities where we can build buildings and recruit units. Once we have a city, we can also start researching new technologies, with which we can access different improvements and advances. In short, we will have to try to evolve our civilization.

World of Empires is a spectacular 4X, which offers a deep gameplay and many possibilities. We can both play alone against artificial intelligence, and through the Internet against other players. And the best thing is that we can save the game at any time and resume it whenever we want.