World War Z Download Apk Free For Android

The zombie movie of the year is called World War Z. If you wait impatiently for its premiere in cinemas, you can already enjoy the official game World War Z for Android, where you must travel the world fighting zombies.

Fight to Survive.

World War Z for Android is the official video game of the film based on the novel World War Z: An oral history of the zombie war. This bestseller, which has soon become a classic of the zombie genre, shows the most human aspects associated with this war.

Total War Against Zombies.

The story narrates, in first person and in voices of different protagonists, all the stages of this great war fought by the Humanity.

Fights, Puzzles And Challenges

In the game World War Z you will have to face the zombie pandemic, trying to rescue your relatives and acquaintances. Become Gerry Lane and immerse yourself in this chilling story.

If you do not fear the hordes of zombies, download World War Z for Android.