WPSApp Download APK For Android 1.6.2

WPSApp Download APK For Android 1.6.2

Why do they call it auditing wifi networks when they actually mean stealing the neighbor’s wifi? Or maybe it’s me, that I’m a bad thinker. In any case to audit networks is what this WPSApp, an Android application that checks your security through the connection with the WPS protocol, will serve you.

But what is the WPS protocol?

As it turns out that it is the one that is used to connect to a Wi-Fi via an 8-digit numeric pin that is normally defined in the routers. And what happens is that this number in the case of many companies is already known or know how to calculate it.

What this application does is detect networks around and see if they are vulnerable. In that case it generates randomly as well as applies the already known pins, which it incorporates by default. It is also able to calculate keys for some router models and store the passwords on the smartphone.

“Remember: to audit well, to steal badly”.

And you’ll be wondering how it works … so very easy, doing a network scan and showing us the following information:

  • Networks with red arrow: are safe, with the WPS protocol deactivated and its default pin is not known.
  • Networks with question mark: yes they have it activated but the pin is unknown. The app will try with the most usual.
  • Networks in green: are at first vulnerable with the WPS protocol activated and with a known pin with which it can be connected.

Now, does it mean that just download the APK, install it on the mobile or the tablet and get me to download BitTorrent movies as if there was a tomorrow? No, it’s not that simple: you’ll need an Android 5.0 and it’s also rooted. This you can easily get, with an app like Kingroot.

In short, that depends on the use you give to this tool … we will think that all you want is to protect your home network or make a sweep of your farm to warn the neighbors to close them better, ¿ do not?

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Android 4.1+ operating system.
  • Requires a robotic terminal.