Yahoo! Mail 4.36 IOS Download

Yahoo! Mail is the official Yahoo application for iOS terminals, which will allow iPhone users to access their inbox and check their email at any time, anywhere and from the comfort of their mobile phone.

The application has some facilities specially designed for touch interfaces, such as the possibility of selecting several emails when ordering them to make them more comfortable, or autocompleting addresses to avoid wasting time when we are going to write an email.

Yahoo! Mail 4.36 IOS Download

As is normal in this type of applications, Yahoo! Mail will allow us to be identified in several accounts simultaneously, being able to alternate from one to another comfortably. In addition, we can do quick searches of emails in all folders, so that we never have a lost email for too long.

Yahoo! Mail is a very interesting application for regular users of Yahoo Messenger service, who will find in it a perfect ally to always be up to date with incoming emails. Managing the account from its interface is fast, convenient and simple.