YeeCall 4.6.12305 APK Download

YeeCall is an application that will allow us to make free video calls with other users. For this we will only need an operative telephone number (with which we will have to verify our account) and an Android device with camera. Nothing else.

To create our free user account we can register using an email or directly our Facebook account. We do it as we do, it will not take us two minutes to have the account configured and ready to make video calls.

 YeeCall 4.6.12305   APK Download

Adding friends in YeeCall is as simple as looking for them in the database of the application. We can do it by your username or by your phone number. It is important to keep in mind that we need to have a person on our friends list in order to start a video call with her.

YeeCall is a good app to make video calls, which proposes an interesting alternative to others better known as Skype or Viber. In addition, we can activate a ‘beautifying’ mode during any video call, which will apply an image filter in real time.