YOP 1.9.4 APK Download

YOP is a platform for buying and selling Wallapop style, thanks to which we can find items of all kinds at a good price. We can also quickly get rid of any item that we no longer want, earning a little money in the process.

When starting to use YOP we will have to choose at least three categories that are of our interest, among sports, technology, video games, clothing and footwear, toys, books, and so on. In this way, the application will show us priority articles of these types.

YOP 1.9.4 APK Download

Find anything in YOP is very simple. We will only have to use the search box and establish the options that we want: condition of the article, distance of the article, minimum and maximum price. In addition, we can also order items by price, distance or publication date.

YOP is a great buying and selling tool that offers a comfortable and elegant interface and good features. Selling items, moreover, is as easy as taking a picture directly from the app itself and filling in a few key fields. In less than two minutes we will have created our ad.