YouCam Makeup Download IOS For Free iPhone 5.25.0

Before, anyone who wanted to know how the makeup could be had two options: either he trusted the images with great models and much Photoshop or ventured to experiment with his own face, investing time and cosmetics. Well, it does not have to be that way since the technology developed to apply filters and photographic effects to images, and especially to selfies, is the one that serves YouCam Makeup.

This iPhone application offers a real-time make-up test on any photo, giving results of a very realistic appearance. It is still an app for editing and photo retouching, nothing more than the filters and effects that are applied on the faces what they are looking for is a simulation of how a cosmetic would look, rather than leaving a very cute photo for the posterity of your Instagram .

The app offers an extensive range of makeup tools to improve hairstyle, eyes, skin, lips and teeth. Each of them has dozens of colors and combinations that allow you to mix and try different looks.

This selfie editor has been developed for smartphones, so there is no version that can be downloaded for PC or Mac. In fact everything you will find online if you look for it is the Android APK that sell it as the version for Windows , but you actually need an emulator.