Zenly 3.69.1 APK Download

Zenly is an application that will allow us to locate our friends in real time. The user can choose how long he wants to ‘transmit’ his location and what information he wants to provide. For example, it is possible to show the battery level.

The main objective of the application is to provide an extra layer of security when a friend is returning home at night, or something similar. Thanks to Zenly we will be able to know at all times where that person is, and we will know instantly when he has reached his destination.

 Zenly 3.69.1 APK Download

In the configuration options of Zenly we will find a privacy section in which we can customize the information we want to offer about us. From the options we can also choose the type of map we want and the unit in which we want to measure distances.

Zenly is an interesting application, which obviously only works if we have many friends who use it too. Luckily (or unfortunately) we can invite all our contacts directly from the app.