ZEPETO 2.2.4 APK Download

ZEPETO is a fun social game that allows its users to create a digital version of themselves.

The operation of ZEPETO is simple: when starting the application, we will have to upload a photo of ourselves or take a selfie. At this time, the application will detect the distinctive elements of our appearance and turn them into accessories for our avatar. In a few moments we will have an adorable and digital version of ourselves, ready to start socializing with the rest of the ZEPETO universe.

 ZEPETO 2.2.4 APK Download

At the beginning, we will have practically nothing: neither clothes, nor objects, nor anything. However, participating in the challenges and meeting new people, we will earn points that will allow us to buy clothes of our style and decorate our space. In addition, as we do things, we will go up in level, unlocking more objects, garments and activities that can be done. The whole experience is covered by a very powerful social component.

ZEPETO is a fun way to socialize while creating our perfect virutal clone.