Zinio 4.15.3 IOS Download

Zinio is an application that basically install a kiosk on our iOS terminal, from which we can access a lot of multimedia content to be permanently informed of everything that happens in the world.

The application will allow us to read some articles for free, and filter searches of publications to strictly see the genres that we like, whether videogames, sports, news, politics, nature, and so on.

Zinio 4.15.3 IOS Download

As it is normal, to be able to enjoy all these magazines it is necessary to go before by box. Once we do it, yes, we will keep the numbers that we have purchased from each publication associated with our account and downloaded to our terminal.

The ideal to enjoy Zinio is to do it on an iPad, although the application works perfectly on any iOS terminal. The only drawback, of course, is that it will be somewhat more uncomfortable to read magazines from the iPhone screen.