Zion Wars 1.3.0 IOS Download

Zion Wars is a challenging real-time strategy game that shares the same premise as popular titles such as Clash of Clans or Jungle Heat: we must build and manage a base and defend it from the attacks of other players.

The main attraction of Zion Wars is its setting, as it dares to place the action in a totally different context to what we had seen so far. We will have to live in a future in which society has been forced to leave the planet earth and live in huge motherships. Our work will be to manage the resources of these ships and to generate an army large enough and powerful enough to be able to defend our defenseless citizens from the imminent attacks of the other players.

Zion Wars 1.3.0  IOS Download

In the same way that we can be attacked, we can also create complex offenses against real players to obtain resources and ensure the survival of our colony.

Zion Wars also has a single player game mode that besides being a tutorial will also work as a comfort zone for all those who do not want to experience the true PvP experience.