Zombie Tsunami Download IOS Free For iPhone 1.6.3

In Zombie Tsunami your goal, far from fleeing the zombie threat, is to spread the disease among as many healthy people as possible. Total, you’re already dead. So download Zombie Tsunami for iOS and worry about getting the whole population to go to the world of the undead.

Turn all people into zombies and have them join you

Zombie Tsunami is a runner type game for iPhone with 2D side perspective where you will have to control a hungry zombie. As you progress through the stage to the race you can go eating people who will turn into zombies and that will follow you on your way. You’ll have to transform humans into zombies with special care in traps and obstacles to stay behind. Touch the screen of your smartphone to jump and avoid losing members of your offspring and any option to exceed the level.

If you have an iOS device compatible with Zombie Tsunami you should have started downloading the game. Get Zombie Tsunami free for iPhone!