Zombies, Run! 7.0.5 IOS Download

Zombies, Run! is a unique mix of pedometer and video game aimed at people who tend to play sports and who want to add a touch of fun to their workouts. And it is that the application, basically, will tell us a story of zombies through the headphones while inserting our music.

Thus, the application has more than twenty missions of half an hour each, which follow a story in which we assume the role of ‘corridor five’, one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Our objective in the game will be to complete the missions that our radio coordinators send us … for which we will only need to do one thing: run.

Zombies, Run! 7.0.5 IOS Download

As we go running the application will inform us that we collect different objects. Once we finish our race we can use these objects to improve the fort where our characters are refugees. Unfortunately, this has no real impact in the course of the ‘game’.

One of the possibilities of the application is to activate the persecutions, which will be moments in which we will have to run very fast to prevent the zombies from capturing us. If they do, all the objects collected will fall down.

Zombies, Run! It is a very fun way to play sports, thanks to which we can play while we train … or vice versa. The application also has GPS mode or accelerometer, so we can use it both outdoors and in the gym.